01 Sep, 2021

Ifac are a marriage made in heaven for our food business

In 2017, Niall Harty launched his first protein bar business. Initially working from an hourly rental kitchen, and building the business up, he has since partnered with Ross McDowell where the pair planned to take the business to a new level and co-founded All Real Nutrition which launched in 2020. The company has since emerged as a brand with a strong social mission and an ambition to make a real impact on the world.

Ifac's financial expertise let us focus on what we do best

When myself and my partner Ross started out, weʼd been working with a couple of accountants and a number of people locally who were quite expensive and werenʼt really delivering the sort of service that we needed. By chance, ifac had been targeting us as a client and it turned out to be a marriage made in heaven.

Initially, we would have been looking for someone to run our accounts function, but as a young and ambitious company we also needed a broader level of financial consultancy, as neither myself or Ross are CFOʼs. The breadth of service that ifac provide means that we're always in a position to get the type of advice we need. This might be about how we go about financing machinery or vans, for example, but could just as easily relate to going about an important hire, or finding out what grants are available to us.

For a whole variety of reasons the food model is different — ifac are very surefooted working in this niche area.

A specialised service built on genuine insight

We've come a long way since 2017 and ifac have been an important part of that journey. It means that myself and Ross are free to concentrate on the core of the business, safe in the knowledge that the financial end of the company is being taken care of really well. We've never had a better level of service than with ifac and we really like the fact that they always seem to be able to point us in the right direction when we have a major hurdle to overcome in developing our business.

We find a very high level of professionalism from ifac whenever we interact with them. One of the biggest attractions is that they appreciate that food is a very different game to other sectors. They really understand the business and its unique needs. For a whole variety of reasons the food model is different to a normal business model and ifac are very surefooted when working within this niche area. Theyʼve been a great partner for us in that regard, and have years and years of experience in helping companies just like ourselves to grow and develop.

ifac are more than a supplier — theyʼre a partner in the business

A focus on the future

We're expanding very quickly at the moment, and when you add in the uncertainty that lockdown has brought to the market, it’s even more important than ever that we get the sort of advice we need, not just. In terms of our accounts and finance functions, but also in the sort of business models that will see us future-proof ourselves against shocks to the company

Ifac are more than a supplier, theyʼre a fairly big partner in the business and we see them very much as part of our ambition and our vision for the future

Lloyd Pearson
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"ifac give us the confidence to navigate our next big step"

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