01 Sep, 2021

ifac give us the confidence to navigate our next big step

Lloyd Pearson is the third generation of his family to head Pearson International, Ireland's leading dairy systems company. Along with his brother, David, he is now looking to take the business onto the world stage.

Helping a growing company expand internationally

The company was founded in 1948, and our traditional markets have been Ireland and the UK, but now we're looking to export to several other international markets. Weʼve got a great team behind us, and thanks to them, weʼve grown about 20% year on year over the past five years. Our next big push will revolve around marketing our business better, and this will bring the inevitable challenge of dealing with quite rapid growth.

ifac are a really reassuring presence — Theyʼve been down these roads many, many times.

ifac bring a broad range of experience to the many challenges of growth

ifac are a really reassuring presence in the face of these expansion plans, and one of the things that impresses us most about them is that we have access to a very wide range of financial, business and marketing specialists, and our primary contact within ifac can introduce us to these as needed.

They've been down these roads many, many times, and have a level of experience and expertise that we can draw on with the minimum of fuss or hassle. We see ifac as a source of expert advice on the bigger challenges that face us, including provision of a succession plan that made the handover from our father to myself and David go super smoothly. We also look to ifac for marketing and business advice, and to assist us in dealing with bodies such as Enterprise Ireland.

Strategic planning is another key area where ifac can bring value to us, specifically in the area of developing a five-year plan that can help us take the next big step in our international growth. We find their financial data and advice to be excellent, and really appreciate that we have a one-stop-shop at our fingertips. We can be talking to a local contact one day, but then have the ability to elevate the conversation to a specialist somewhere else within ifac to handle a specific advisory need of ours.

We look forward to a relationship of confidence, certainty and mutual growth

A relationship built on trust and mutual respect

We really like ifac's service ethos and they're quick to respond to us when we need them. The time will eventually come when we have our own Financial Controller in place, but until then, ifac provide much of the reassurance that we need in that regard. But with their ability to advise us also on business and marketing needs, they play an even bigger role in our development.

Between the financial advice, business advice and marketing consultancy we can get from ifac, we believe weʼll be in a very strong position to navigate the coming years with confidence and certainty, and we look forward to a relationship of mutual growth with ifac.

Donal Shinnick
Success Story

"ifac keep us focused on the ever-changing nature of our farm business"

Donal Shinnick, Dairy Farmer
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