01 Sep, 2021

Like us, ifac believe you can never do too much for your customer

Darren Shiel, working with his father Joe and his brother Timmy, has overseen rapid expansion over the past 15 years as Shiel Agri-Cool has become one of the most trusted Irish brands in its field.

A family business with huge potential for expansion

We are on the road since my father started the business over 15 years ago. When myself and my brother came on board, we set up a limited company in 2017 and the business started to expand its customer base pretty quickly.

About 99% of our customers are dairy farmers and we also subcontract to a number of the biggest co-ops for key maintenance work. The refrigeration tanks we make and install can be found pretty much all over the country, and are capable of cooling from thirty degrees down to 3.5 degrees.

Itʼs really comforting to know how much experience and expertise lies within the broader ifac organisation.

A personal relationship backed up by professional expertise

Our relationship goes back quite a while with ifac, and they are becoming a more important part of our team as our needs grow in complexity as a result of the growth weʼre experiencing. And while our primary relationship may be at a local level, itʼs really comforting to know how much experience and expertise lies within the broader ifac organisation — whether itʼs to do with taxation, corporate finance or any of the numerous elements that could potentially divert us from our core business.

We like the level of service we get from ifac, and we consider them to be very likeminded to ourselves in that we believe you can never do too much for your customer. We can ring ifac at any time and be confident that theyʼll be in a position to handle our dayto-day accountancy needs, as well as our more specific requests for advice and guidance Theyʼre very much part of our team, and we look forward to an even more successful relationship with them over the years to come. We're very much focused on a growth path right now, and it's fantastic to be able to focus on our sales and marketing while ifac handle the areas that they're experts in.

Ifac are very much part of our business, and we trust then implicitly

 Trusted advice from the ultimate financial experts

Ifac are the first people we look towards when we have a finance-related decision to make – anything from investing in new machinery or borrowing for expansion. We consider them to be part of our team and we trust them to help us with some of the most important decisions we make each year. Theyʼre very much part of our business and we trust them implicitly.

We really like the fact that thereʼs so much network experience in the background, so itʼs highly unlikely that weʼll ever outgrow ifac in the foreseeable future. We like to think that we're the ultimate experts when it comes to engineering, and we like the thought of dealing with a company that’s just as good at their own core business.

Nigel Alexander
Success Story

"Putting the wind in our sails when we most needed it"

Nigel Alexander, Skehanagh Wind Farm
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