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We understand that managing your finances can be difficult. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. You want to secure what you’ve built and know that it will be protected and sustain your family when you retire. We provide impartial advice and tailored solutions to meet your financial needs at every stage of life

Martin Glennon, Head of Financial Planning

Whatever your stage of life, we'll help put solid foundations in place

We’re all so busy in the now, but it’s essential to look to the future and think about what sort of lifestyle you’re likely to have when you retire. What income will you have, whether from a State Pension, private pension plan, or proceeds of the sale of a farm or business?

Equally, how are you going to build up a fund when the farm/business needs constant investment to grow? We can help create a plan for you, that is flexible and built around your needs, ambitions and your family.

Plan for the next chapter

You want to look the future in the eye and confidently say, ‘I’m ready’. Having a plan in place means that you can do exactly that. At ifac, we understand that no two businesses and no two individuals are the same, so we spend a lot of time listening to you and learning about your circumstances before we make any recommendations. Only when we have a thorough grasp of your unique situation do we start plotting your financial future. This tailored approach is of huge benefits to our clients.

Your pension savings plan is designed to help provide you with income later in your life. Although there are many different types of pensions, the most common types of plans are Personal Pensions and Executive Pensions.

Pensions review

As part of our comprehensive retirement planning service we analyse any existing or frozen pensions, to ensure that they are still providing value for money in terms of cost, performance, investment risk and choice. Pensions contributions also benefit from tax relief, which can help boost retirement savings and make pension planning an attractive option for many people.

Ifac Investment Services Ltd, trading as ifac Financial Planning, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland with advisors located nationwide ensuring help is never far away when you decide to plan your pensions, investments or life assurance.

When providing advice, Ifac Financial Planning does not consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability. Ifac Financial Planning will review this approach on an annual basis.

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